• If you want to start investing money using “FX Money Management“, open an account with a chosen broker and fund the account. For the exact details go to the “FX Money Management Brokers” page or send us an email.

  • Of course we also trade on our own accounts and we are very happy with the profits. All the accounts shown on this website are our accounts where we trade or our Clients accounts. However, we can also make additional money by trading for our clients. Suppose we can invest $10,000 of our own money. But if we have $50,000 of our clients money we can make more profit if we take 50% share. So it is like $25,000 of our own money. And we treat our clients money like our own. We want to make sure it is safe and brings as high return as possible.

  • You should choose a broker from the “FX Money Management Brokers” page.
  • The minimum initial deposit is $5,000. However, the more you invest, the higher profit share is for you.

  • The FX Robot is set automatically to trade with a small lot size in the beginning, then the lot size will be increased automatically when the equity increases. Also the Draw-down is set automatically to 10-15% and we use tight Stop Loss.

  • Yes, you can ask us to stop trading any time or withdraw the money by yourself at any given moment. However, we cannot withdraw money from your account as it is not possible due to the agreement with the broker. We can trade on your account, but cannot touch your money, only you can withdraw it.

  • While we trade on your MAM account with our FX Robot we want you to close all open trades and not use other systems, otherwise it will be impossible to calculate how much profits our Trader made and how much profits/losses the other systems made. Ideally, we would like you to open a new account so we can start trading with our Robot on a clean account, so there are no problems with calculating Profit Share, etc.

  • As you can see from the TRADING RESULTS, the profits are very high comparing to other systems. So even if the profit share we take is bigger, your profits will be still much better if you invest money in other systems with lower returns. Most of our clients do not mind this high profit share we take (50%), since they are very happy with the returns we can can generate.

With the “FX MONEY MANAGEMENT” you can also succeed
and your life will never be the same.


Enjoy your trading and great profits